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Welcome to MusselFit. I’m Lori and I live in Charlottesville, Virginia with my husband Shawn and three sons – 2 human sons, Jake (15) and Sam (12) & 1 canine son, Cooper who is 7. I’m certified with ACSM as a Personal Trainer and NETA as a Certified Group Exercise Instructor. I’m  also certified in TRX Suspension Training.

I spend my time teaching my local BootCamp, training clients both in person and online, writing my blog, coaching soccer and being a full time Mom.


I believe that we’re all ‘chasing fitness’ in some way or another.  I blog about nutrition, fitness, general fitness, life balance, career development as a busy soccer mom and entrepreneur – teaching women how to workout and eat healthy on the fly.


My Story:

I grew up skinny in South Central Pennsylvania.  I ate carbs all day, every day.  If I had protein it was most likely in the form of a McDonald’s Cheeseburger.

I would consider myself an active child.  One that would play outside and ride her bike until dark.  I wasn’t involved in any organized sport until 9th grade.  Not that I didn’t like sports but the option to participate was never presented to me.  In 8th grade, I fell in love with game of soccer, so naturally when I was eligible to tryout for the JV team that is exactly what I did.  Surprisingly, without ever touching a soccer ball or lacing up a pair of cleats, I made the team.  I played that season and half of the next season, when I had to resign from the team due to financial obligations (I had to earn $$$ to pay for a car, clothes and food).

That was the end of me being active.

I worked as many hours as I could fit into my freshman and junior Schedule; by my senior year, I was working 40 hours a week as an Assistant Manager in a women’s clothing store.  At the end of my senior year, I became one of the first in my family to graduate high school.  {Which may have never happened without the guidance and love of some very special teachers :)}

I married Shawn the following May.  Both of working hard, bought our first house.  In the 3rd year of our marriage, I was given to the opportunity of a promotion and we moved to Charlottesville.

Remember, I was still eating whatever I wanted and not working out.

In the late fall/early winter of 1998, we found out we were going to be parents.  This is the first time I ever purposely thought about what I was putting into my body.  I remember going into the grocery store and staring at the raspberries, wondering if I would like them.  {I bought them and ate the entire container as soon as I got them home.}

Jake was born.  One of the most magical days of our marriage.   I assumed that with a little walking and breastfeeding, the extra baby weight would fall right off.  It didn’t.

It wasn’t until after the birth of my second son, Sam in 2002 that I decided that I really needed to do something else.  Wishing that the weight would fall off wasn’t working.  I bought a Jillian Michaels DVD.

Using a small set of dumbbells, the workout DVD and my living room, I began to whittle my middle.  I became a huge fan Jillian fan.  She helped me so much, how could I not become a fan?

I had the opportunity to meet her.  And the opportunity got bigger and better when was able to meet and receive an autograph from her.  I couldn’t wait to tell her thank you for helping me lose weight.  I did just that while she signed my autograph.  What she wrote next changed my life:

My autograph from Jillian

My autograph from Jillian

I had a great day that day. I realized that she was giving ME the credit for achieving my goals.  That’s when the light bulb went off.  I wanted to help other women do the same thing I did.  Find their power.

Meeting Jillian

Meeting Jillian

I created MusselFit.  I started with getting properly certified of course and training in a gym setting.  After almost 3 years, I realized that in order to train the ‘MusselFit’ way I would need to go out on my own.

Today, I run a women’s only bootcamp in Charlottesville and also offer online fitness and nutrition training.  I love connecting with other women who are looking for their power.  Nothing and I mean nothing makes me smile more than hearing phrases like:

“A few weeks ago, I couldn’t do that.”


I have strong core values that will always guide both my writing and my business.

They include:

  • Be Impeccable with My Word- Being able to trust those around me is important to my heart.  Likewise, in my business, I believe that you should always be told the truth and be able to expect me to do what I say I will do as long as it’s within my abilities.
  • Radiate Positivity – There is NO room for negative energy.  Negativity breeds feelings of guilt, anger, insecurities and depression.  My goal is to create a positive environment to help women feel good about themselves during their workout and in the mirror.
  • Always Try My Best – I’ll always do my best.  Disclaimer – that means I’m not perfect but you’ll always get my best.
  • Balance – Learning to create balance in my life has been an ongoing journey.  Learning to realize that I’m good enough just as I am has allowed me not to feel guilty if I want to skip the gym and head to the movies with boys.  But I also understand that to be balanced, I need to allow time to work out each week.

My Favorites

Favorite Workout - I love short intense workouts. I believe that with each workout, we see ourselves doing things we thought were out of reach all of a sudden become reality.

Favorite Foods - I love eating healthy foods such as veggies, lean proteins and of course complex carbs most of the time BUT you’ll also find me enjoying pizza, cheeseburgers and froyo with my boys.


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5th Place Bikini Open, Yorton Cup, October 29, 2011

2nd Place Bikini Masters, NPC Muscle Mafia, November 2011

Grand Prize Winner of the SAN Nutrition Transformation Challenge, June 2012


I’m your direct connection to potential customers in the United States. As both a FitFluential Ambassador and Sweat Pink Ambassador, I can spread your message to my audience both online and offline via blogging, tweeting, pinning, instagramming, emailing and inperson events. I’m looking to partner with brands that would help my audience achieve a balanced lifestyle of fitness and nutrition. {Please see my MEDIA KIT.}

I look forward to getting to know you.  You can contact me by CLICKING HERE or follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.